Chiangmai, Thailand

Seven Fountains Jesuit Retreat Center

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The Seven Fountains Sponsorship Program aims to assist poor students from the north of Thailand to get an education. These children come from very poor families, and mostly from different ethnic minorities. Each child has been screened by our community, and the real needs have been established. These families are so poor that many of them cannot afford the uniforms that children are required to wear, or the supplies, like pencils and notebooks, that they need in school, or live so far from schools that they cannot afford the transport cost to reach the school.

It currently costs between 1,500-2,500 to maintain one of “our” children in primary school for a year, and Baht 2,500-5,000.- for a child in secondary school. In almost all cases, without our help these children would not receive an education.

The money for sponsorships is given to the person whom we have chosen in each area. This person buys what is needed for the child and follows the progress of the child during the year. Very rarely is money given directly to the parents, to prevent their using it for other purposes.

The income for this project comes from the faithful who attend our church at the Seven Fountains, retreatants who come to our Center, and other friends and sponsors from Thailand and abroad. All the money donated for this program goes directly to help the children, except minimal administration expenses when needed.